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  • Warsaw, Poland

Challenges we’ve managed:

It is quite interesting that one of a kind products are always a good subject for a project. When the Chrum company contacted us, we could not hide the fact that we were full of enthusiasm. After all, who wouldn’t like to co-create a shop with the coolest possible T-shirts in Poland?

Provided solution:

General concept

We knew that the client expects an extraordinary solution rather than a boring pattern. The unique way of presenting products required using a simple system with no limits (when it comes to further development). We knew we could propose an optimal solution.

Chrum 1

Dynamic and nuanced interface

Since the Client also has great graphic artists on board – we decided for a close cooperation from the stage of creating interface screens. We talked about the information architecture and the possibilities of different ways to present products. A dynamic and useful project was established, and what is most important – it accomplishes all the goals posed by the Client.

Chrum interface


Knowing what solution the Client is expecting and being aware of the future interface’s project, we decided for a solution based on the Spree Commerce platform. Its nimbleness as an open source product proved to be ideal and the availableness of basic functionality allowed for a swift and fully controlled implementation. The project is continuously expanding by new features connected with modules like handling scattered warehouses or invoice systems.

Spreecommerce 1

"We are a Warsaw-based street wear brand that sells our products online for years. Recently we have decided to totally redesign our online store and give it some fresh look. It was crucial to us to have no constrains in our design process. Visuality helped us to flawlessly implement our ideas and made the vision come true. We really appreciate their advising and professional approach. We can always count on them whenever an urgent issue pops up."

Rafał Miodowski, CMO

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