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Challenges we’ve managed:

Being a tour operator means that you always struggle with both - organizing your trips and selling them but it is hard to do it simultaneously. Our client decided to resolve this problem and make a powerful tool in which one can organize, manage and sell events at the same time. This was an idea for Magello – SaaS platform which gives you a wide choice of options and greater control over your events. Among other things, you may add your entire offer to the system, include additional options, transportation, available accommodation and payment options. And what is the most important - with Magello you give your users the opportunity to sign up and pay for your trips quickly and intuitively. From the very beginning it sounded like a perfect project for our team – and as it turned out – it was!

Provided solution:

General idea

Working with the Magello team was an amazing experience from the very beginning. Their knowledge about the travel market was exceptional and they knew exactly how the MVP version should look like. As we’d been working with many projects for this industry our team could easily imagine how this product should look like at the end. We just needed to create a specified roadmap and make some priorities regarding the most crucial features.

01 magello general idea

Product design

So we started with sketching ideas for the tour operator interface and booking solution for the end user. As our notebook was getting thicker and thicker with more and more sophisticated images – our dev team started with creating a backlog of features and dividing the it into sprints. So we simply put spec, sketches and features list together and we had our first solid product idea to work with. The plan matched our main requirement for a product MVP – to be built and launched within 12-16 weeks maximum. So the work had started…

02 magello product design

Brand Identity

As for every new project with global aspirations – the name is crucial. It must be short, sounds alike in every language and the most important – the web domain must be available. We started looking for something simple and easy to remember and at the same time with strong associations to travelling, journey and adventure. This is how we came up with Magello. It simply matched all our requirements. So we moved to our favorite part – brand visualization. We kept it simple with modern fonts, neutral colors and combinations of basic geometric shapes. The base for the project was there.

03a magello brand identity

Trip organizer interface

This was the biggest challenge for our UX team. We needed to create an easy to use interface in which Magello clients would be spending hours every day on managing bookings, taking payments and generating documents. Our goal was to keep it simple and usable with the most intuitive on-boarding process. Our UX team created tons of wireframes with different fonts, colors and interface elements. After several iterations we finally got our perfect styleguide. We could move on to the most important part - interface screens.

04 magello triporganizer ui

Adding and adjusting an offer

The first step for every trip organizer is to prepare an offer with the fully adjusted trip options. We knew that every trip is different and every client needs a different kinds of options and selections. That’s why we put a lot of work on all interface parts which are responsible for managing a single trip with customizable payment plans, additional options, legal aspects, transportation and accomodation options. We believe that we’ve prepared a flexible solution for every kind of trip organizer – we had worked hard to achieve that.

05a magello events

Managing bookings

From our interviewes with trip organizers and our experience with booking platforms we knew that this would be the most used section during the busy season. So we were trying to create a well designed interface for booking and payments managements – with all important interactive searches and filters. The most challenging part was the interface for assigning customers to selected transport and accomodation options. We came up with a fully interactive solution in which admin can drag and drop selected items – this was build to make admin work efficient and intuitive.

06 magello reservations

Payment plans and third party integrations

The main purpose of the system is to increase the trip sales and make all processes as automatic as they can get – but to keep the flexibility of the given solution. We kept it in mind when developing the payment plans feature. Thanks to that admin can set and adjust the trip’s payment runs with advance payments and all the rules for installments. To make the whole proces automatic we introduced all kinds of payment providers admin can choose from to receive online payments from his customers.

07 magello payments

Documents generators and statistics

We knew that most of the time trip organizer is spending on all kinds of document generation. Starting with the trip agreement and vouchers for customers, through all possible lists of bookings and customers with selected options, transportation, accommodation and payments. So we developed a separate engine for automatic documents generation which works with all kinds of custom filters. The nice supplement to this feature is reports and statistics generator.

08 magello documents

User interface

There would be no good system for travel business without a great online booking solution for their customers. This is where our experience with booking systems paid off. Our UX team started with sketching a lot of different wireframes to get to the best offers presentation, trip view and booking flow. We were iterating a lot taking into consideration future user’s ideas and reported problems with current booking solutions. We decided to go with an intuitive and fully responsive design to make the process flow available for all possible devices.

09 magello user ui

Online booking and itinerary management

Once the final design for the user interface was done we started logic implementation. We started with booking / e-commerce solution development. Booking process was supposed to be the most intuitive giving user proper feedback on all steps using a responsive shopping cart. The last step of the booking flow was about plugging online payment solutions along with rules for triggering notifications for users. We closed the customer interface with itinerary management tool.

10 magello onlinebookings

Marketing materials

When the engine was ready we begun to close marketing designs starting with responsive landing pages for different languages and markets showing main features, prices and blog posts in one place. For all those web pages we plugged in the famous Polish startup - Live Chat to engage Magello customers in the most effective way. We finished off with a package of dedicated mailing campaigns designs and other POS materials. Our work here was done – the project was ready to be launched.

11 magello marketing materials

I can’t imagine anyone else creating this project. Visuality showed an amazing devotion to this project and a great deal of business understanding. Creating a startup is always a challenge, but Visuality transformed it into a really good experience.

Marcin Tchorzewski, Co-founder

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