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  • Berlin, Germany

Challenges we’ve managed:

The market for street food events is huge especially in Western Europe. Food enthusiasts and tourists often name “food” as one of the most important factors why a specific city is worth visiting. And yet surprisingly, as we found out during the first meeting with the client, the business is not well structured. It lacks clear requirements for people who’d like to serve their food at various events and possibilities to network within the community. Therefore, there’s been a great desire for a place where events’ organisers can look for vendors who’d serve food at those events. This is how StreatUp! has been brought to life

Provided solution:

Event model

The main goal was to create a flow for connecting two key user groups – vendors and organisers. The event model we used for that purpose had to be informative and engaging for potential participants as well as valid for vendors applying for the events.

Ensuring vendors’ credibility

We had to figure out how to make sure that the vendors who take part in the events have all necessary permits so there are no last-minute surprises for the organisers. This is why the app has a few step verification process, thanks to which StreatUp! team can evaluate and alternatively help the vendors signing up for the platform.


Two days of workshops started off with getting to know our client’s market, the problems they face and technology which can help them in solving the issues. After finding out about those and seeing team’s experience and passion, we realized quickly that the possibilities are endless here.


Product design

Workshops gave us plenty of material to work on. Having discovered the problems to be solved, we prepared features’ descriptions and simple mockups to present them visually. Finally, we were able to decide which functionalities are most important and focus on them during MVP development.


Brand identity

Once agreed on the project’s scope, we used our creative side and started designing an interface, which would be simple to use, legible and most importantly easy on the eye.


Event application process

We were aware that the application process was crucial to the app’s success. We created a simple, four step form with the help of which organisers can define their event’s character, needs and present a fair and square pricing model to vendors who decide to take part in it.


Vendor wizard

We turned the regular sign up flow into a wizard, which guides all the users through the process. Additionally, vendors have to upload the required legal documents, which StreatUp! team evaluates or helps to sort them out. Thanks to that solution, organisers don’t have to worry that vendors will cancel because of red tape.


Payments system integration

Integrating a third-party payments system was very important, as the whole spot booking process had to be automatic. However, due to budget limitations and market’s requirements, we had to choose a different payment provider than we’d planned to. Working in Agile methodology, we were able to adjust a few features to the Mangopay API which our client picked. We also made sure that it would be possible to integrate different providers in the future, as the product would hopefully enter new markets


Developing the MVP

StreatUp’s 1.0 version is already live, but we believe it’s just the beginning of the joint adventure with the StreatUp! team as our Trello backlog still holds more ideas than we could fit into the MVP. We look forward to seeing our friends in action and can’t wait working on the next iteration with them!

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