IoT is our passion

We have realised that many of our team members (including the co-founder) are interested in IoT. So we decided to take it to another level ...

“We have turned the office basement into a makerspace where the IoT Club gathers to carry out multiple smart-home experiments. Just for the fun of it. We are a hobby group combining various backgrounds with electronics, programming and DIY and we are always ready to take on new members.”

Nadia Miętkiewicz

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Nadia mietkiewicz

is the key

Everyday work is an excitement here, at Visuality. Nevertheless, we try to make it even more interesting by organising extra activities. Once a month we put the projects aside and organise an investment day to make sure that we all learn something new. We go to conferences, mentor at workshops (RailsGirls - we love you!) and try to contribute to the coding world with our open source projects.