OUR CTO HIRES Junior Ruby developers NOW!

So if want to become more advanced Ruby developer come and talk to him!



He is looking for passionate developers to join our company to work on interesting and challenging projects.

We work in small teams, we do Test Driven Development and use Agile methodologies.

Apart from clients' projects we also spend time on our internal projects, tools or open source.

You should definitely talk to us if you have great potential and basic knowledge of technologies that we use everyday (Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Javascript). You should have at least one completed Ruby on Rails project and at least one pure Ruby project. In short, you can code, but due to lack of experience you don't use any of good practices and advance design patterns which probably makes yout code hard to understand and maintain.

You will work on any task in the project, but before starting implementation you must propose your solution to more experienced developer and get his approval. After developing, senior developer must verify if the task was implemented correctly.

You will also need to spend additional hours on learning to quickly match other developers in our team.



  • basic knowledge of computer science
  • basic knowledge of Ruby, Ruby on Rails and Javascript
  • basic knowledge of SQL and any database system (mysql, postgres, sqlite)
  • very good knowledge of git
  • HAML
  • can setup development environment (database, ruby, text editor etc.)

Features you should have implemented so far:

If you have done all of it at least one Ruby on Rails project then you belong here:)

  • many controllers, some of them more complicated than standard REST scaffold
  • many models, loading and saving data, validations, database relations
  • complex form that is represented by at least two related models
  • dynamic form with validation, ie. managing related collection of models
  • sending emails with attachments, action mailer
  • dynamic content, sending AJAX requests, updating page content
  • authentication and authorization
  • pagination
  • tests
  • custom rake task
  • background task
  • simple file upload

We mentioned you should have done at least one Ruby project, right? So here are features you should have done:)

  • matching text with regular expressions
  • file operations, reading and writing to files
  • command line arguments
  • parsing structured data (xml, json or any other api)

What would be your responsibilities:

  • deliver new features
  • perform code reviews


  • Salary: 3000 - 6000 PLN nett on vat invoice (other forms possible) depending on your experience
  • Great open minded team and superb work environment
  • A lot of learning capabilities
  • A clear career path
  • Private healthcare
  • OKSystem for sports
  • Great atmosphere (we party a lot and get to know each other better)
  • Fresh fruits
  • Awesome coffee (from local rosters)
  • Help in your visa arrangments if you are not from poland
  • And everything You would need to be happy working with us.


We hope you are!


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Everyday work is an excitement here, at Visuality. Nevertheless, we try to make it even more interesting by organising extra activities. Once a month we put the projects aside and organise an investment day to make sure that we all learn something new. We go to conferences, mentor at workshops (RailsGirls - we love you!) and try to contribute to the coding world with our open source projects.