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Workflow Management

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For every organization it is extremely important to have a system which handles and manages documents. It takes various forms and allow tens of functionalities. Our client expected a fully dedicated solution gathering the most important functions from other projects and supplementing them by a complex, custom solution with the purpose of maximizing the optimization of processes in particular branches and enterprises.

Services provided
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Workflow of documents

The basic functionality of the system is to manage documents, or to be more general – to manage submissions. Each submission, apart from attached documents, has additional attributes and a job description that should be performed. The system allows to input such submissions into the system and controls their flow through various organizing units in the company, where certain actions should be performed on them. At each moment it is possible to check the status of a document, which unit he is currently at, and what actions were already performed on it. The system allows to set deadlines, priorities and requirements that need to be met by the system users to be able to perform actions on the documents. Thanks to this, only users with appropriate competences can handle particular documents.

Knowledge systematization

In order to maximally shorten the time that is required to handle a single document a mechanism was created allowing to catalog replies and actions, that need to be performed on similar applications. Thanks to this, the person handling such documents is able to find a template answer in the catalog, without wasting time on performing the exact same actions again and again. Similarly, a user who inputs an application to the system may (prior to this) check the knowledge catalog and find a solution.

User structure

We implemented a transparent hierarchical structure of the project team. Every user has his role and permissions connected to that role. The allocation of work and responsibilities for the substantiality depend on the position and are stated clearly. The flow of the document is strictly related od this hierarchy to maximize the control over the process.


Reports allow to measure the efficiency of working teams in a given time period and to compare them with other periods. It is possible to check which of the teams are most efficient and which of them organize their work the best.

Access control

The system allows for an extremely nimble modeling of the hierarchy within the company where it is implemented. This means that it is possible to input regular staff and their underlings into the system, creating a tree model structure within the company. Such structure also requires a possibility of setting the permissions accurately. The implemented mechanism allows to ascribe different roles to users and to set permissions to perform specific actions. It also enables the managers to browse through the applications of their underlings to control their work.

File Management

An Ajax based mechanism was implemented into the system for uploading files. It allows to attach multiple, big sized files to applications simultaneously and to edit the content of the application at the same time.

Analysis of document content

To accelerate the process of handling applications and assigning them to the proper unit, we created several tools that are able to analyze the content of the applications and the attached documents. Based on that, it automatically sets the correct parameters or forwards such applications to a particular unit. This shortens the time spent by a user on analyzing the application.

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