You can craft appropriate architecture only if you deeply understand the underlying problem.


Creating a strong software architecture is crucial for developing reliable software.
We utilize the tools provided by Domain-Driven Design approach along with best software design practices.
To visualize and communicate architecture effectively, we use the straightforward C4 model for our diagrams.

Event Storming

At Visuality, we believe in the significance of personal contact, effective communication, and the creative solutions it inspires.
That's why we use Event Storming as our primary workshop technique for initial business analysis.
We understand that the true work is to learn how business operates and what it needs; working code is just a side effect of this knowledge.
Our experienced team of facilitators can lead effective and successful workshop session at any stage of the project.

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Hello There!

I'm Michał Łęcicki, a seasoned software developer with over 10 years of programming experience.
Working on a wide range of projects, from small startups to large-scale enterprise applications, I developed a keen eye for detail, precision, and performance optimization.
As a speaker at various Ruby meetups and conferences in Poland, I'm passionate about sharing the knowledge and experience with the tech community.
When I'm not coding, I enjoy photography, board games, and I'm a big advocate of Getting Things Done method.

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