Ruby on Rails


Reduce technical debt of your Ruby on Rails application. Fight with legacy code, optimize and get new features!


Since 2007, we've not only developed apps and augmented our clients' teams with new talents but also played a crucial role in taking over existing projects. An integral part of our offering has always been the ability to assume control of ongoing projects.

Over the years, we've successfully collaborated on more than 150 applications, spanning various domains such as HR-tech, sports-tech, fin-tech, reco-tech, CRMs, ERPs, and many more.

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Audit of your product

In the beginning of our cooperation, our senior Ruby on Rails and Javascript engineers will conduct a thorough examination of your codebase, identifying inefficiencies, vulnerabilities, and areas for improvement. By uncovering hidden issues we will ensure your code is robust and future-proof. Our audit also identifies scalability concerns and provides recommendations to ensure your software can seamlessly expand with your business. Every audit is finished by preparing a detailed document that contains all our findings and solutions to issues we detected.

Optimization of your application

We specialize in making your code cleaner and faster, ensuring a smooth experience for your users. Our comprehensive optimization strategies are designed to fortify your application for future growth, ensuring that it seamlessly scales up to meet the demands of your expanding user base and evolving business requirements.

Visuality is a business-driven software development company and we believe that  faster and more responsive applications contribute to a positive user experience. Users appreciate applications that deliver quick results, leading to increased satisfaction and user retention.

Fighting legacy code and technical debt

Legacy code or in layman terms - an old neglected codebase, may have served you well for many years, but it often becomes a barrier to innovation and efficiency. It blocks your ability to keep up with the market and is an obstacle on the road to bigger scale and better conversion. Our engineers understand the challenges—outdated frameworks, deprecated gems, tangled dependencies, and the fear of disrupting critical operations. That's why Visuality is here to turn this challenge into an opportunity for revitalization.

Writing new features

While the primary goal of refactoring is to improve the internal structure of code without changing its external behavior, it is possible to introduce new features during the process. Thanks to precise roadmap workshops and day to day project management work, we can sketch, research, plan and implement new features for your existing application. Our teams are composed of developers with different backgrounds and skill sets so it is possible to divide the team into pods where every pod is responsible for separate elements of the application.

Project consulting

Sometimes, auditing may not be sufficient to address all issues. It often involves making architectural changes to ensure the scalability or enhance the security of the application. Visuality’s senior engineering consultants can conduct a thorough examination of your code and devise a plan to address long-term issues effectively.

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