We are a React + Ruby on Rails agency. React is one of the most popular JavaScript UI libraries in the world, boosting productivity on every step of the development.

Suited for big and complex projects

React has a well-organized code that can be easily updated, no matter if we add or withdraw functionalities. Often updates turn into a headache because the application has a complex logic and changes in one component can affect others. It’s not the case for React.

Boost performance

React.js uses a “Virtual DOM” which increases the speed of modern web applications. Interface reaction to user interaction is immediate. Everything is seamless and fluid.

SEO friendly

React reduces the page load time tremendously and adapts its performance in real-time depending on current user traffic. Faster = more users = more revenues.

Backed by a strong community

Thanks to this community React change fast and is up to date with new technologies. Currently, it is supported by Facebook and Instagram engineering teams, plus external experts. React is now one of the most popular JavaScript UI libraries in the world. It has over 70K stars on GitHub, over 1100 contributors, millions of downloads every month, and well over 4K company stack