Develop a mobile application and a web page at the same time with lower costs and a shorter time-to-market! Progressive Web Apps help to deliver mobile application efficiently.

What is a Progressive Web App

PWA apps are written in web technologies (JavaScript, CSS, HTML). They behave and look just like regular web pages offering the similar functionalities to native mobile apps.

To be called Progressive Web App, your application has to fulfill most of Google's checklist requirements, after which it is reliable, quick and engaging.

Light and Fast

PWA apps are way lighter than native apps. They have a short loading time, even in poor network conditions.

No middle man

User can directly download the app from the browser. Updates are automatic. no need for user to update the app. No need to pay Google/Apple for distribution.

All-in-one development

One code base that works on any given platform. That means updates are made once as well.

Made to improve conversion rate

The architecture of PWA is built to enhanced speed, reliability and customer engagement which results in great customer conversions.