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Fundthrough enables its clients to maintain a steady cash flow. With its efficient factoring services, business owners can secure prompt payments for their issued invoices, eliminating the waiting period of 30, 60, or more days for transfers. Invoices can be effortlessly uploaded to the platform, ensuring seamless and immediate payment processing.

Ruby on Rails
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Complex architecture management and technical debt reduction

The client selected us due to our outstanding quality, as evidenced by our Clutch profile. Following interviews with the recommended team members, we were tasked with enhancing the team by integrating a group of developers deeply into the organization. This new team swiftly became autonomous, taking responsibility for essential areas of the system.



Ongoing Development


Team Augmentation

  • The system's architecture was highly intricate, leading to occasional data consistency issues, particularly in the communication between microservices. We were assigned the responsibility of developing a solution to streamline the data exchange among the different services.
  • As is our standard practice with all clients, we consistently advocate for the importance of keeping software gems and versions updated. Fundthrough specifically requested us to oversee the maintenance of their system, ensuring that all services are kept up to date.
  • Testing a distributed system of microservices can be a challenging endeavor. In this project, it presented a significant hurdle. Manual testing and data injection were time-consuming tasks required before the release of new features. Fortunately, our expertise and input played a crucial role in minimizing these challenges.
  • The Bluevine migration presented unique challenges due to the client's acquisition of a similar company. Migrating the data proved to be difficult due to incompatibility and compliance differences between the systems.
  • We were entrusted with enhancing an AWS Lambda-based API. The primary objective was to enhance its scalability and availability.
  • Upon the client's request, we augmented our team of seasoned engineers by adding a senior architect consultant. Given the complexity of the system, which was constructed many years ago, it was crucial to conduct an architecture audit and document it comprehensively. This documentation was essential for planning future improvements or refactoring efforts. Our consultant collaborated closely with the client's CTO and engineering directors, delivering an extensive document that provided a detailed overview of the entire application.
  • This project has solidified Visuality's position as a Fin-Tech development agency
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