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Racesonline is a complex management application for race organizers and sports enthusiasts participating in sports events. Race organizers using different tools can set up any type of running, swimming or cycling race and allow people to register, pay charity fees, manage their reservations, check results and much more.

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We took over the application after providing a thorough code audit that pointed out all issues and suggested the right course of action in order to improve performance and make the product more attractive for users. As the codebase was outdated and glitchy in many critical areas, we were facing hard, yet rewarding work that resulted in many improvements and new features.


Web/UX/UI Design

Ongoing Development



- Audit as a key preparation element

The client asked us to run an audit of the existing application in order to detect the all issues with the code and suggest the development plan. We executed a complete audit which according to the client convinced them to choose Visuality as the main service provider.

- Old codebase and stability issues

The system we inherited was pretty much outdated and was neglected in critical areas. The complexity of the application and the lack of tests were causing chronic issues during large events when the usage of the application was peaking. Unfortunately, there was no valid documentation available so we had to learn the system in practice. We began with full test coverage and from the initial 60, we reached more than 1000 tests that allowed us to learn and understand the complex architecture of the system, purpose of specific features and their flow. Such action was necessary as the previous team couldn’t provide any valuable documentation explaining the dependencies of the functions.

- Roadmap meetings

We had two separate roadmap workshops with the client. The first one to broaden our knowledge about the application and its complexity. We also wanted to learn more about the app from a business perspective. The second workshop served to discuss the development of the front end part of the application and rebranding requirements. We also helped the client to prepare for the upcoming exhibition shows and discussed possible improvements in the marketing area. We focused on adequate measuring methods (Google Analytics, GTM) that would point the client in the right direction in terms of promotion.

- PWA application

Our team redeveloped a kiosk app used during the events. Our team redeveloped a kiosk app used during the events. Instead of a Chrome app, users started to use a PWA application that easily connects to a thermal printer and makes the whole experience faster and more reliable. That way, race participants were serviced without any significant holdups.

- Reduced human error risk

Thanks to the implemented automation of the certification process, payment processing and refunds we were able to reduce the human error factor which resulted in the overall improvement of the users’ satisfaction. The actions that we undertook improved the client’s money flow and compliance with the governmental regulations.

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Visuality’s team has been thoroughly communicative and professional throughout the engagement, resulting in several new features that have added functionality to the site. They have taken ownership of the site’s inner workings and are dedicated to the business’ success.

Jen Forsyth