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Zing is a London-based company that specializes in remote international team building. Zing provides a unique online platform where groups can organize dynamic virtual meetings and strengthen relationships by playing a range of engaging social games. Zing introduced a fresh take on team-building activities that combined fun and education, offering a special place for staff to connect at.

Ruby on Rails
About project

Building a virtual meetings application with interactive games


Mobile/UX/UI Design


Web/UX/UI Design

  • The project was created from scratch after conducting product workshops thanks to which we were able to select the appropriate stack that allowed seamless development. The app needed to be robust,  scalable and easily adaptable. 
  • In addition to Ruby and React development, we actively participated in its design during brainstorming sessions. In order to provide our clients with the best solutions, we took care to understand their needs and implemented industry golden standards in terms of the UX/UI.
  • Twilio was utilized to record and stream videos, and Action Cable was used to establish socket communication for the implemented games. Because of how flexible this stack is, we were able to work quickly without sacrificing our options.

  • The evolution of the project's vision was dynamic, shaped by insights and challenges along the way. We adopted agile methodologies to iterate quickly and to be flexible.
  • Due to the increased demand for online virtual meetings during the pandemic, product development speed was crucial. Reducing "Time to Market" while maintaining the quality of the product was our key objective.
  • Zing recently pivoted due to the end of the pandemic. Significant funds are being raised for the future endeavors. 

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