Part I

Visuality Domain-Driven Design Webinar

March 9th, 2023 at 18:00 CET

Join us to see a presentation, by our consultant and senior Ruby on Rails developer Paweł Strzałkowski, titled Domain Modeling in Ruby on Rails.

Paweł Strzałkowski

Software engineer coding since the past century. Working as a Ruby and Ruby on Rails full stack developer, a team leader and a consultant. Strives for clean and readable code.

DDD and event sourcing enthusiast, trying to make other Ruby developers share his passion. Active member of the Polish Ruby community. Speaker at multiple Warsaw, Poznań, Białystok and Wrocław Ruby meetups as well as Wroclove.rb conference. Extremely family person, father of two. In his spare time appreciates a good sci-fi book and a long poker night.

The covered topics will include:

  • Introduction to Domain-Driven Design
  • Strategic elements of DDD
  • Tactical elements of DDD and how to use them with any Ruby on Rails application
  • Practical example of domain modeling in Ruby on Rails

The presentation will take ~45 minutes, while the length of the entire event will depend on the volume of questions.

What we're about

As Visuality, for the past 15 years, we've built countless apps for multiple industries. Throughout this time we've encountered many challenges, that gave us skills and know-how how to deal with the design and architecture.

Almost every month we meet at our office to share the knowledge. Visuality's meetups became very popular in the Ruby on Rails community. We now want to reach out to all of you that cannot appear at our office in person.

One of the most noteworthy accomplishments is the shift towards Domain-Driven Design. For us it was one of the most interesting discoveries that not only helps us grow, but also pushes us to be closer to the dev community.

This time we decided we wanted to share some of this knowledge. We cordially invite you to our webinar that we hope will motivate you to research and implement DDD in your projects.

We support the community

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