Get ready to team up with seasoned Ruby on Rails & React.js pros, boasting an impressive 8-year average experience under their belts!

Out of the box

Visuality takes pride in providing you with top-tier engineering talent. Thanks to average seniority of 8 years in Ruby on Rails, React.js, we will augment your team with engineers that will not require long onboarding, mentoring or training. This out of the box scalable solution will save you time and effort, yet bring substantial quality to your project.

Visuality’s Ruby on Rails and React engineers have extensive expertise in key stack elements such as AWS, Heroku, Trailblazer, SQL, Docker, and many more, we are committed to elevating the quality of your product to new heights.

Accelerate your development

Hiring our engineers accelerates the process of recruiting and integrating new team members. Visuality exclusively hires highly skilled Ruby On Rails developers experienced in collaborating with your teams and product owners or managers. If you need to crunch, reach the milestones quicker, bring in fresh ideas, Visuality’s Ruby on Rails engineers are committed to doing everything possible to help you reach your goals.

Flexibility at hand

Thanks to team augmentation you can easily adjust the team's size and composition based on project requirements, providing the flexibility to scale your development capacity up or down as needed. If there's a need for rotation within the team, our extensive talent pool enables us to substitute a team member upon request, ensuring a smooth knowledge transfer.

Members of your team, not contractors

Our engineers become an essential part of your organization and often engage in recruitment, mentoring of your junior team members, take part in roadmap workshops or team integrations.

Additionally, we prioritize our team's continuous growth, ensuring they stay updated with the latest industry standards. You don’t have to worry about raise talks, vacations, sick days - this remains Visuality’s responsibility at all times.

Project takeover

Since 2007, we've not only developed apps and augmented our clients' teams with our talents but also played a crucial role in taking over existing projects. An integral part of our offering has always been the ability to assume control of ongoing projects. Over the years, we've successfully collaborated on more than 120 applications, spanning various domains such as HR-tech, sports-tech, fin-tech, reco-tech, CRMs, ERPs, and many more.

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