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ShelfWise is a cutting-edge store auditing application meticulously crafted to swiftly gather shop display data within seconds. Leveraging advanced Image Recognition technology, the field sales force simply captures a photo of store shelves, instantly generating a comprehensive list of all visible SKUs and their prices for customers. Furthermore, ShelfWise provides in-depth analytics regarding shelf share, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of retail auditing processes.

Ruby on Rails
About project

Improving stability and reliability of a complex AI powered application

The client approached us in search of high-quality senior engineering services to bolster their existing team. Following an initial discovery session, we carefully selected our top senior engineering experts whose skills aligned seamlessly with the client's requirements. We subsequently presented a detailed plan to the client, outlining how we intended to address the issues we had identified.

To pinpoint critical application issues without straining the client's budget during the onboarding process, we facilitated a tailored event storming session. This strategic approach allowed us to commence the project efficiently, ensuring a seamless transition without unnecessary expenditure.






  • During the workshops, the client tasked us with exploring ways to enhance the application's performance. Through our analysis and efforts, we optimized the application to utilize its intricate data model more efficiently. This strategic optimization not only resulted in significantly improved performance but also led to reduced resource costs, demonstrating our commitment to enhancing both functionality and cost-effectiveness.
  • To gain a profound understanding of the system and propose further optimizations, we conducted a comprehensive assessment of the data processing architecture used for the ML model. This meticulous analysis enabled us to identify areas for improvement. As a result, we achieved faster and more reliable data processing, enhancing the system's overall efficiency and performance.
  • We were tasked with addressing the challenges posed by heavy traffic on the application, particularly during specific peak times of the day. Our responsibility was to enhance the app's ability to handle load spikes, a task that led to a substantial improvement in its overall stability.
  • The client entrusted us with a challenging migration project, transitioning between two cloud service providers. This intricate migration necessitated comprehensive adjustments to the entire system, including file paths and security protocols. Our senior consultant meticulously devised a plan that guaranteed a seamless migration process with zero downtime. This success was made possible through the implementation of a custom service designed to handle file traffic between the two cloud platforms.
  • A segment of our team was specifically chosen to collaborate directly with Shelfwise’s enterprise client. This delegation underscores our reliability and adaptability, demonstrating our trusted status. We are regarded as a pivotal partner, essential for the successful collaboration with a key client in the beer industry.
  • Our senior consultant was given the responsibility of supervising the most advanced parts of the system, leading to an in-depth understanding of the product. In recognition of his expertise, he was assigned the role of mentoring and training the entire Shelfwise team. His guidance not only enhanced the team's skills but also left the organization better equipped to tackle future challenges after his departure.
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