Pricing Model

Our standard practice leans towards the Time and Materials model, that means you're only paying for the time and effort we put into your project, plain and simple.
We’ve seen hundreds of different projects and we understand each one is unique. Thanks to that know-how we will assess your needs and pick the best engineers and their minimal and maximal effort necessary to reach all the goals we define together in the scope.
If fixed prices are more your style, we've got you covered there too. Just let us know what budget you had in mind, and we'll make it work!

Line of Services

Prototype, MVP or a full product.
Technical support, maintenance and further development of your existing application. We will provide you with anything from a part-time developer, to a full team of experts.
Legacy applications come in every shape and form. Assess the security or the overall shape of your app. We will be happy to present you a plan for updates and improvements.
From 45 EUR per development hour
From 720 EUR per month
Security - 800 EUR
Maintainability - 400 EUR
Full - 1000 EUR


Price [per hour]
Senior developer (7+ years of experience)
50 EUR
Mid developer (3-7 years of experience)
45 EUR
Project Manager
30 EUR
Grapic Designer
60 EUR

Product building and maintenance

Full Product
Validate the technical feasibility of your idea. Invest a small amount of resources to make sure you are on the right track.
Build a Minimum Viable Product to confirm the customers' needs and your ideas for solutions. The scope is defined individually for each project, but it usually is around:
Build a complete, robust and long-lasting product. From design, through beta launch, to final delivery and maintenance, Visuality covers it all so you can focus on your business.
2 - 4 weeks
1 developer
2500 EUR - 6500 EUR
1 - 3 months
1 - 2 developers
5000 - 50 000 EUR
Ask for custom pricing

Team building and outstaffing

To build a complex application or to maintain a large system, a diverse and numerous group of people is needed to accomplish all the product goals. When forming a larger team, you may save up to 10% of your monthly cost.
Schedule a meeting with our expert HERE after an assesment you will receive a personalized offer with a special price just for you.

Expertize and analysis


Since 2007 Visuality has been building and maintaining applications. We glow when a deep analysis and expertise are required. If you require an optimization of the code, change the architecture, pivot your business, you came to the right place.
Hire our experts for a one-time consultation or an ongoing cooperation.

Let's discuss what we can do for you, schedule a meeting with our expert

Fractional CTO

You may have the best idea. You may have the best team. But if you lack technical expertise, you may need an experienced CTO to put all that together and make long-term technical decisions.

Even the best products created by the finest can struggle without the technical expertise, a leader that will make difficult technical decisions while understanding the bigger picture. What you need is an experienced CTO. We know how hard and expensive it is to find such an expert. Hire a fractional CTO and accomplish your goals faster, for a fair price.

Schedule a meeting with your future CTO
Price [per hour]
Fractional CTO
75 EUR.
Expert / Consultant
From 60 EUR

Consulting Pack

To achieve all your business goals you may need more time with our in-house (check at /consulting) consultants. Book them in advance so that we can adjust a long-term schedule to your needs. You may use this time in a single meeting or over several days. We will be happy to jump on a meeting with your prospective clients or investors to provide them with all the details you couldn’t articulate yourself.
Price [fixed]
4 hours
280 EUR.
10 hours
680 EUR

Graphic Design

Every application needs a good UX and a clear, easy to use, attractive interface. According to studies, 94% of first user impressions are strictly design and UX related.
Don’t block your path to success and let us take care of your branding, UX research, UX/UI, design systems etc.

Book a free design consultation HERE.
Price [per hour]
Starting from ...
Full Design
Starting from ...
Mockup prototype, delivered in Figma
Starting from 2000 EUR
Pitch Deck
2000 EUR
Design Package for Startups
9000 EUR