PWA: One App
for Web and Mobile,
for any given device.

Develop a web page and app at the same time
with lower costs and a shorter time-to-market
using Progressive Web App


About Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web App or PWA, is a type of web application which works as a mobile app and a web page on any given device.

PWA apps are written in web technologies (JavaScript, CSS, HTML). They behave and look just like regular web pages offering the similar functionalities to native mobile apps.

To be called Progressive Web App, your application has to fulfil most of Google's checklist requirements, after which it is reliable, quick and engaging.

Why should you choose
Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps Progressive Web Apps

Light and

PWA apps are way lighter than native apps. They have a short loading time, even in poor network conditions.

middle man

User can directly download the app from the browser. Updates are automatic. no need for user to update the app. No need to pay Google/Apple for distribution.


One code base that works on any given platform. That means updates are made once as well.

Made to improve
conversion rate

The architecture of PWA is built to enhanced speed, reliability and customer engagement which results in great customer conversions.

Who else is using PWA in their tech stack?


Alibaba Group



The Washington Post


London, UK

ZING Groups

Online socialization platform

Avoid the pain of everyone talking at once. Or no-one talking at all. On ZING, you can have concurrent conversations within the same video call, so say goodbye to group video awkwardness and hello to natural conversations.

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“It takes less time to implement a PWA than a native mobile app, thus it’s a great option for startups that want to deliver a good mobile experience fast and at a reduced cost. When we implement new features and make improvements, unlike with the native app, user doesn’t have to download any updates, they’re already there.”

Piotr Wasiak
Software Engineer
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"Visuality has done great work thus far, delivering a high-quality, functional communications solution. They manage the project well, keeping the internal team abreast of any changes or obstacles, and their communication is good. "

Matt Bittlestone
CEO & Co-Founder

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) vs. Native Web Apps


One code base that works for IOS, Android and in any web browser.

Almost-Native performance with similar functionalities.

Cheaper and faster to build.

Lighter than a native app

Less suitable for complex projects, like games or expanded programs nor Native-specific functionalities.


Best performance and compatibility with smartphone's functionalities.

More expensive because you will need to write 3 different code bases with 3 different technologies. For Android, IOS and Web Browsers.

Heavier than a PWA app

To conclude, PWA apps can be a reasonable choice if your budget is limited and you need it to launch it quickly into the market. Native app development is recommended if you want the best possible performance and compatibility with the smartphone's functionalities.

Many of our clients ask us what they should choose: PWA or Native. Please read our article or contact us directly. We will be happy to help!