Fixing performance issues with Rails

Ruby on Rails
A/B testing

We are going to discuss web application performance, focusing on solving real-life issues. You'll learn how to use an Application Performance Management (APM) tool and identify common anti-patterns that cause significant latency and throughput problems.

We have a particularly problematic app that needs fixing, and it will be up to you to determine why it is slow and how you can make it perform better. Most examples will focus on backend and database performance, but feel free to get creative and think of some out-of-the-box solutions!

Things you will need for this:

  • AppSignal account
  • GitHub account
  • Docker & docker-compose installed
  • your favorite editor/IDE


You will learn how to
  • Browse APM traces and find bottlenecks
  • Read and interpret SQL explains
  • Identify common performance anti-patterns in web applications
  • Understand index types and to figure out which indexes you need
  • Practice A/B testing performance optimizations
  • Use common caching issues
  • Use some advanced SQL techniques




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Our expert

Our experts

Chris Hasiński

Chris brings 17 years of experience as an independent consultant, highlighting a strong focus on application performance and code readability, while also maintaining a broad interest in all facets of software development. Specializing in Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Application Performance Management (APMs), Chris has developed a comprehensive skill set that addresses various essential aspects of software engineering.

Beyond their specialization, Chris has actively contributed to the tech community through multiple channels. As a seasoned speaker, Chris has appeared at four conferences, sharing their deep insights and experiences. Their commitment to community engagement doesn't stop there; Chris has delivered over 100 talks at meetups and has created six workshops, underscoring their dedication to spreading knowledge and encouraging learning within the software development field.

Patryk Ptasiński

A software and DevOps engineer with 14 years of experience, is recognized for his profound expertise, notably as a Ruby Association Certified Ruby Programmer. His technical prowess spans a wide range of specialties, including Ruby on Rails, Docker, databases, and a particular emphasis on performance and security optimization. His interests also cover microservices, modern frontend technologies, Large Language Models (LLMs), and architectural design.

Beyond his technical acumen, Patryk is deeply involved in the tech community, having been a speaker at meetups on three occasions and authoring and presenting workshops. This combination of extensive technical knowledge and active community participation establishes Patric as a standout professional in the software and DevOps fields.