Game Development in Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails
Domain Driven Development
Optimistic Locking
Command Pattern
Frogger-like game

Game Development in Ruby on Rails

Showcases the joy of programming in Ruby on Rails, giving endless stream of ideas for fun side projects. Builds a team around a common goal of writing a competitive, multiplayer game.

Introduces participants to Hotwire - a way of showing application’s changes to users in real-time. Teaches Optimistic Locking using Rails - the key to keeping your data consistent. Explains Command Pattern - how to process all requests asynchronously and scale up any Ruby on Rails app.

Introduces elements of tactical Domain-Driven Design - how to use Ruby on Rails to form Value Objects and Aggregates to better model the domain space.


You will learn how to
  • Use Ruby on Rails to build a real-time, multiplayer game.
  • Model a web application for real-time accessibility.
  • Use Hotwire for real-time browser updates.
  • Use the command pattern for handling API requests.
  • Apply tactical Domain-Driven Design to maintain data integrity during concurrent requests.
  • Apply tactical Domain-Driven Design to better model the domain of your applications.
  • Use AI to generate images for your games and other online content.
  • Use Tailwind CSS to build a flexible layout.




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Our expert

Our experts

Paweł Strzałkowski

  • Chief Technology Officer at Visuality with a strong background in software development, specializing in web development. Paweł has been coding since the last century, and his passion for technology continues to drive him.
  • His experience as a software consultant and a full stack developer has equipped him with a versatile skill set that encompasses various programming languages, database management, server administration, and software architecture patterns. He has played a crucial role in designing and/or maintaining dozens of web-based applications. In the last decade, He has primarily focused on the tech stack related to Ruby and Ruby on Rails, but technologies like GoLang or PHP have always been close to him as well.
  • Being committed to sharing his passion, He is an active member of the Polish Ruby community. He has spoken at events such as Wroclove.rb, Warsaw Ruby Community Conference and various Ruby meetups in Warsaw, Wrocław, Białystok, Łódź and Poznań.
  • Paweł is also known for his passion of writing games using different technology stacks. He has implemented a Tetris game in Ruby on Rails for the official ticket contest for the Euruko 2023 conference in Vilnus.