'"Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."
© Confucius

Today I am writing my first blog post, next weekend I will be a coach at #ActInSpace hackathon, in July – co-organizer of TOA Berlin. My name is Susanna, I am a Business Development manager and it seems I found a job of my dreams. And I am saying it without a CEO’s gun being pointed to my head.

First month at Visuality



I haven’t met any single ordinary person here. No, literally, sometimes I feel like scenario writers of Big Bang Theory, True Detective and Suits once came to Warsaw, got inspired by Visuality team and created their masterpieces. People here come from different backgrounds (Astrophysics, Biochemistry, Psychology, Business etc.) and when starting a conversation with them you never know how far you will go with intellectual discussion. Individuality is the highest value at Visuality and somehow we combine it into an awesome teamwork.

First month at Visuality

This probably will be deleted from the article - but just to tell you what impress me the most here: once I lost balance with my cup of coffee because of bandage on my hand and spill it fully on the desk. Michal, one of our CEOs, who sits next to me (yeah, I share desk with CEO) rushed to get the towels and helped to clean it. If this story didn’t shock you, it means you’ve never worked in corpo :) Visuality is about awesome people, mazafaka


During my first interview Rafal, our business-hero, told me one essential thing: ‘Remember, we pick the projects, not the project pick us’. My head, full of standard sales experiences, bursted.

First month at Visuality

By approaching a client, you should be sure that there is ‘chemistry’. This will guarantee satisfaction on both sides.. Conversation about customer’s MVP starts with getting to know his business idea. This is the fundamental characteristic of Visuality approach: we really want our clients to benefit from their ideas and be satisfied as much as possible - not only leave them with nicely developed app without knowing how to sell it.


I should confess that before coming to Visuality I considered myself as more or less smart person. Here you must face the truth that you know nothing in comparison to the guys around you. This is an awesome feeling I have been looking for since I graduated: to be the dumbest person in the room, get the syllabus to learn, come back prepared and discover that you also don’t know this, and this, and this as well.

First month at Visuality

What a huge stimulus to develop yourself! So, when Rafal calls our developers Ruby on Rails rock-stars, believe me, he is not exaggerating. Here at Visuality we get an opportunity to educate our customers and this is the highest honour of all: to be able to assist in life-changing decisions and deploy the projects that can change the world. Isn’t it magical? At Visuality it is just an everyday routine :)


I have been working in aviation, agriculture, startups, running my own business and never felt complete. In the first two cases system killed creativity, in the rest – lack of consistency buried it.
Visuality is a unique company in this sense: it keeps good ideas structured, people motivated and projects completed on time. Here you have a voice and your opinion does matter. Guys, I don’t want to sound like I am having an Oscar speech, but thank you. First of all, for an opportunity to feel how it is to wake up on Monday morning being excited to start a new week.

First month at Visuality