Visuality comes to town - this time it's Poznań

If you follow our blog or any of our social profiles you can probably see that we avoid being "fast-growing" company. Our main goal is to be a boutique software house that is concentrating on the quality of services. That being said we try to hire people with an engineering background or strong engineering capabilities. We want our software to be developed in a professional way, following best coding practices. We also (that is actually my area of expertise) try to create a great working environment that allows people to grow and learn a lot. We strive for making our employees happy so that we can create a strong, long-lasting team. That being said we see a huge danger in fast growth. I personally believe that hiring 5 developers a month would make it impossible to sustain those two mentioned factors. We also do not wish to work in a corporate-like office space - instead, we would like to stay in a villa with garden for as long as we can possibly can. That's why we are considering opening new offices in different cities (which will probably lead us to tribes idea in the long run, but that's topic for another article).

A few months ago we were discussing options when it comes to new offices and we came up with a perfect solution. As you know so far we were avoiding full-time remote work for our developers - but there has been one exception. Almost four years ago we started working with Adam Król, an ambitious frontend developer. For some time he was working on-site in our office but after some time he had to go back to Poznań, his hometown. We decided that we can give this remote-situation a try and it turned out to be a success. Since then Adam is coming to us every week for one/two days but for most of his time, he's working in Poznań. We realized that if we want to create another office it would be perfect to do it in Poznań. Adam is working here long enough to perfectly understand our culture and quality and be able to spread them to new employees. What's more important - it turned out that he's interested in helping us to set it up.

That being said we started looking for co-working spaces (as for the beginning we will probably use one) and so far we're interested in Biurcoo and + Jeden. Both of them seem to suit our needs for the time being given that we're not aiming at hiring 10 people immediately. We rather would like to set up a small team that can be more self-sustaining rather than dependent on others (which will minimize remote-work pains).

We really believe that we will be able to succeed in following months and create another great working space with best quality engineers but this time in Poznań. So if you're a developer (rather a backend than frontend) and are interested in being part of a professional team with really good working culture - don't hesitate and contact me or Adam Król (

Poznań office recruitment officially started. Adam (who will be taking care of it) seems excited:) We are too! Interested in being Ruby Developer in Poznan? Drop us a line:) #poznanoffice #visualitypoznan #excited #newbeginnings #recruitment #wlkp #biurcoo #biurcoocoworking #awesome #itscoming

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