Visuality is 8 years old

Visuality was started 8 years ago in some small town outside of... Scratch that. I thought I would write a post about our history - how it all started and how we actually got to the point of being a successful development house. I even wrote it (I can send you a draft as a proof). But I read it and wasn’t satisfied. So I closed my laptop and went to a concert (GusGus - higly recommended). During that concert I realized what the problem with my post was. That was simple and the answer was actually a key to understanding our company. One word - Passion.

The key element that made Visuality happen was our passion for freedom. My friend Marcin and I - the founders of Visuality 8 years ago - never wanted a boring day-to-day job. We wanted to pursue our way of living and our interests. At any cost. Our third partner, Michał Młoźniak - who joined us 3 years ago – did it because of a true passion as well. Passion for programming.

Right now we hire about 20 people. And, do you know what the similarity between our team and GusGus band is? They are absolutely crazy about what they do too. They spend their free time thinking about their work. In our daily work we talk, we fight, laugh and swear - because we all care! And we thought that if we really want to pursue our way of living, we must concentrate on caring about our job and pursuing our passions.

Am I happy that I quit amazing studies to create Visuality? YES! Am I sure that entrepreneurship is my way of life, even though it’s really hard? YES! Why? Because every day I work with a team of amazing people who really care about what they do.

But if you really want to know how it all got started, drop into our office and throw a question - I promise to share with you an amazing story!