31 Dec
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Why do we like to be together?

More than two years ago I applied for a job at Visuality. After the first initial call, I was invited for an interview with the CEO and Head of Sales. I was surprised that the CEO took an active part in the recruitment on such an early stage. I’m usually calm and don’t stress that much during such events but anyway I must say that the first interview (and the next ones too) was very pleasant, yet very substantive. I felt right away that that was the company I would like to work for. I was lucky (or as my boss says, “simply convincing”) and received a chance to prove my skills. I was hired at the end of November but were supposed to report for duty from the beginning of the next year. My adventure with Visuality started a little bit earlier than that though...

by Visuality

Michał Piórkowski (our CEO) invited me for the Christmas party at the office even though I was not yet officially a member of the crew. I was warmly welcomed and made a lot of new friends during the party. Except for the actual employees, I met a lot of people that were not working for Visuality. “CEO’s friends or family” - I thought. But quickly I learned then that the majority of these people were former Visuality employees. At that point, I was quite shocked but quickly started to connect the dots. The atmosphere was wonderful. Spectacular food (kudos to Afera na Szpitalnej <- check this place out when in Warsaw), good music, interesting and most importantly, open-minded people. Yes, that’s what makes Visuality a great place to work - the people. And this is why people keep coming back even if they changed the job. They not only visit the office on such big occasions. You can regularly meet former employees on board games nights, summer barbecues we organize in our garden, WRUG after-parties, hackathons, Visuality’s birthday parties (last year we celebrated 10 years!). So yeah, good people and good parties, what more you need?

by Visuality

This year’s Christmas party was awesome too! As always the vibe was wonderful, food from Afera exquisite and our CEO was playing the hottest tracks from his large collection. We got all sentimental as this year five of Visuality members celebrated 4 years-anniversary and 2 another two 3 year-anniversary with us. Cool thing that in current IT-world we are able to keep good people when there are so many companies out there. But as you already know it happens for a reason. Guys received funny t-shirts (pic below), we all could taste some delicious cake and drank some vodka. Each of the employees received a basket full of sweets and fine spirits (Sláinte, boss!) Of course, as always our office was swarming with our crew, their better-halfs, kids, former employees, dogs, and other creatures. A party on Thursday, why would anybody do that? No problem at Visuality! We can work remotely, of course not all the time, but after such a party we received another gift from our CEO - a remote Friday, true blessing...

As I’m finishing my words, many of you are already missing the Christmas Eve, even if it was just a couple of days ago. Cooking pierogis, roasted turkey, Christmas pudding, decorating the Christmas tree with your loved-ones, lighting up the fire in the fireplace, tuning in for Last Christmas by Wham! (don’t lie, you love it too). You do it every year because of the people, because of the family. And at Visuality, we do it all because we like to be together, just like a family does...

by Visuality

Happy New Year everyone!

In every company, no matter if it creates software, mechanical parts, chemicals, delivers law or economic ideas or any other similar example that comes to your mind, there is a need to ensure processes, which provide quality of designed solutions or products. These processes, in general, are called Acceptance Testing(AT).

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