Win MVP workshop!

Visuality is going to Berlin very soon!

And we have huge plans there: meet great people, exchange experience during workshop and the most important - to give our coolest MVP workshop to one of the most creative startups in Europe.


As part of Tech Open Air (TOA) 2016, Visuality and Digital Knights want you to send your best Elevator Pitch for the chance to win a MVP Workshop in Berlin!

Rules to apply:

  1. Like the Facebook pages of Visuality and Digital Knights
  2. Film a 30 second video with your elevator pitch that would explain your idea or project
  3. Send it to before 7th of July
  4. See the results on 8th of July
  5. There are no more rules, feel free to be creative, innovative and original.

**Winners must be available to partake in the workshop on July 15, in Berlin.

What is a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) Workshop?

The MVP workshop aims to prepare startups and entrepreneurs who want to launch their best product, from day one.

In the workshop, we will analyze your business model, approach to product design for the best UX, and prepare for product development backlog. It covers many of the areas that an entrepreneur may be challenged with, after the launch of a product.


Together with founders we:

  1. Fit the product's business and monetization model to the market,
  2. Focus on key values of the idea,
  3. Test the flow for all key personas for the best UX.

The workshop also goes beyond to outline the best sales and marketing approach, generating simple wireframes and keeping development realistic.

We start from an Investor’s perspective, and finish as a founder’s task force.


About Digital Knights:

Based in Berlin, Digital Knights identifies HQ software boutique tech studios and connects them to startups, corporates, and VC’s. Through an extensive evaluation process that includes a feasibility call, experience audit, team interviews, and tools review, Digital Knights can evaluate which team is best suited to your digital project’s needs. By creating and maintaining valuable partnerships with the tech teams, startups and entrepreneurs can trust that they are getting a reliable, high-quality product, and can therefore focus their efforts on business, instead of tech team recruitment stress.

About Visuality:

Based in Warsaw, Visuality is a full stack software house that takes a keen approach to UX/UI, full front-end development framework knowledge, and Ruby on Rails framework for backend. Great business and programming experience makes Visuality one of the smartest and most passionate teams when it comes to delivering fit products for founders everywhere.

This event is part of Tech Open Air festival. To learn more about TOA16 and book your conference tickets, visit