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If you don’t know us yet Visuality is a boutique full-stack software house that since 2007 delivers high-quality custom-made software and UI/UX design for startups and SMEs. We are proud of our company culture that allows us to offer an impeccable service to our clients, mainly based in the USA and Western Europe.

SXSW 2019 was the first large American tech conference that our company attended in its 13-year history. When we were picking the places where we wanted to exhibit we had many doubts about where to share our knowledge and expand our network. SXSW is mainly known because of the indie music festival that takes place since the 80s and that was the image that we had in our heads. Visuality mainly works with US-based clients, so we use that opportunity to ask and we heard many good things about Austin. The capital of Texas before was not on our radar and we quickly learned that it needed to change.

Austin is home to many interesting startups, organizations and software companies that were inspiring us in our early years. We decided not only to attend the conference but also to exhibit on the trade show. We had a lot of interesting conversations about software development, project management, business culture and much more. We met professionals from all over the world from whom we learned about the newest trends in their industries. The city of Austin was a very hospitable place, where everybody was polite and friendly, food delicious and in summary, everything exceeded our expectations. After such a great experience the decision couldn’t be different than “we need to do this again sometime”...and we will soon visit the heart of Texas again, now richer in experience and better prepared for doing business and enjoying all that SXSW has to offer.

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If you’d like to learn more about our experience at SXSW 2019 read our article HERE

Why you should schedule a meeting with us?

You must be asking yourself why a Polish software house would travel thousands of miles for a trade show. We believe that Visuality represents the best of engineering practices in software development, and that is something that doesn’t have any particular nationality. Polish developers are considered one of the best and most professional in Europe while the average project cost is lower than in North America or Western Europe given the lower cost of living. We hire only the best engineers that not only have the necessary skills to write a demanding application (duh..), but they also speak fluent English and are highly communicative. For years now, we have been working with American clients, so we hope to reach new clients, those who were reluctant to hire an offshore team and show them the quality of our work. Even in the online meetings era, we strongly believe that meeting your partner in person is priceless as it takes the relationship to a new level. By attending the conference, expanding the network, discussing and taking part in panels we are gaining new experience that will boost the quality of our work even more.

At our booth, you will have an opportunity to talk not only general business with us, but thanks to the presence of one of our best engineering managers, you will be able to thoroughly discuss technical aspects of your application. We will be happy to offer you a free consultation that will allow you to better plan your development and pick the best available solution. If you’d like to also discuss the business model or monetization of your product/service, our highly-experienced business developers (including our CEO), will be happy to give you a hand.

We hope to see you at the conference if you are a participant, exhibitor or panelist. Let’s exchange some ideas and see if we could work together.

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